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Jerry's Power Washing & Maintenance Services is a family owned, licensed and insured Power Washing Company founded in 2001. We pride ourselves on providing superior service to our customers, professional results and

competitive rates.

Below are a few good reasons to have us maintain your property on a yearly basis.

Soft Wash of Siding:
Soft Wash incorporates special low pressure injector nozzles to spray a cleaning chemical onto the home that removes mold, algae, pollen, dirt and moss. The chemical is then washed off the home using special low pressure nozzles on the end of power washing wand to rinse the home without damaging surfaces or killing plants.

Roof Washing:
Roof algae appears on your roof as black streaks. If not taken care of, it will continue to get worse. This type of algae thrives on the north side of the roof where the most amount of shade is.

Concrete and Brick:
Having your driveway, brick work and landscape hardsccape cleaned with a house clean is a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home. Alot of people do not realize how dirty their sidewalks, patios, and landscape walls can be.

Wood Decks and Fences:
Wood can easily be damaged with too much water pressure. After power washing, the wood has to rest until it reaches the proper moisture level, so that the sealer does not fail.

We will professionally clean your decks, fences, stonework, or home to a "like new appearance" using

environmentally safe products.
Our cleaning processes safely remove dirt, algae,

and mildew.

Contact us today for your FREE estimate and we will evaluate the condition of your home as well as other areas that

might need attention.


Transform Your Deck with One Call!


Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm

​​Saturday: 9am - 3pm

​Sunday: Closed


Fleet Washing and Mobile Washing Available



You have a beautiful paver patio or walkway, why not protect it!
Ask us how we can protect your investment today


Sealing pavers is recommended by most manufacturers and contractors for one reason.

The materials pavers are made of are porous. This means your pavers will absorb liquids, and that’s what makes stains happen.

When a paver absorbs water, that’s ok, it will darken for a while, but give it time, and all that water will evaporate. The real issue is that your pavers are also subjected to oil, hard water, rusty water, grease, and so on.

When those liquids penetrate pavers, they will cause a very hard to remove, often impossible to remove, stain.

The sealer will both penetrate the pores of your pavers and make them impervious, and create a film that will also protect its surface, making it easy to clean. A properly sealed paver will not stain and any marks on it will be easily removed.

Cleaning Union County one House at a time!


New Providence, New Jersey

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